Glaserworks Receives State Of Ohio Historic Preservation Award

St. Xavier Undercroft

glaserworks is pleased to announce that the St. Francis Xavier Church Undercroft Project has received the 2016 State of Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award of Preservation Merit

Publication: Ohio History Connection, blog
Title: 2016 State Historic Preservation Office Awards Announced
Author: Linda Pansing


Each year, the Ohio History Connection, State Historic Preservation Office recognizes achievements in historic preservation by presenting awards in two categories: Public Education and Awareness, and Preservation Merit.

The Public Education and Awareness Award is for increasing interest in historic preservation. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, media, newsletters, publications, interpretation, original research, educational programs, and special events which have substantially increased public understanding and awareness of historic preservation at the local, regional, or state level.

The Preservation Merit Award is for preserving Ohio’s prehistory, history, architecture, or culture. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, restoring, rehabilitating, or otherwise preserving an important building or site, longtime stewardship of a property, promoting protective legislation, funding preservation projects, offering leadership, support, or service, and furthering preservation at the local, regional, or state level.

Glaserworks Receives State Of Ohio Historic Preservation Award

Groundbreaking ceremony held for women veterans affordable housing facility

Annabelle's Place groundbreaking

Leaders from OH Volunteers of America, North College Hill Mayor & City Administrator and County Commissioner Todd Portune joined members of the community and local veterans to celebrate the groundbreaking at Annabelle’s Place – affordable housing for women veterans designed by glaserworks.

Author: WKRC Cincinnati


NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio (WKRC) – Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio held a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday, September 15, to kick off construction of Annabelle’s Place.

It’s a new affordable housing community for women veterans in North College Hill. The project on Galbraith Road will provide 12 women veterans supportive housing.

Mayor of North College Hill, Maureen Mason, said, “We, the city of NCH, are very proud and to have it located here in our city limits and to do our part for the women veterans of our country. They’ve sacrificed so much for all of us, we want to extend the hand and welcome them.”

All residents at Annabelle’s Place will have access to supportive services including support groups, case management staff, and medical professionals needed to successfully live independently.

glaserworks Celebrates Streetcar Opening Day

glaserworks Celebrates Streetcar Opening Day

glaserworkers pose with a map of new investment in Cincinnati’s urban core

The Cincinnati Enquirer published a comprehensive timeline of the Cincinnati Streetcar effort with a nice mention of a retired principal of our firm: Mike Moose.  Mike was instrumental in the early consideration of the streetcar.  glaserworks first listed the creation of a streetcar system as a priority in the 2006 Urban Plan for the Brewery District.  Following that plan Mike and glaserworks staff, along with Dan Deering, performed an initial study of what a modern streetcar system in Cincinnati might look like, where it might be placed, and how it would create an urbane environment.  We encapsulated this analysis in a presentation which was given to several of Cincinnati’s movers and shakers.  This led to the adoption of the idea by the City, and its subsequent hiring of nationally renowned consultants.

Publication: The Cincinnati Enquirer
Title: Streetcar timeline: Long, winding, arduous
Author: Jason Williams


The idea of building a modern streetcar in Cincinnati was hatched 15 years ago, some 2,400 miles away from the city. It later gained momentum in a Mount Auburn ice cream parlor. And now, after wending through twists and turns and hurdling mountains and molehills, the idea becomes reality. Here is a look at the Cincinnati streetcar’s journey to Friday’s public opening.